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Too many patients avoid improving their smiles with cosmetic dentistry because they believe that all cosmetic treatments are lengthy and arduous. The truth is, however, that modern cosmetic dentistry treatments—like LUMINEERS—can help you achieve your dream smile in no time.

Our Saint Louis LUMINEER dentists are here to tell you why so many people choose LUMINEERS!

1. Expediency

With LUMINEERS you really can completely transform your smile in just a few dental appointments. Our dental team will take an impression of your existing teeth, craft your LUMINEERS to fit, and then attach them to your smile—it’s that simple! Generally, it takes only a couple of weeks, and three dental appointments, for people to achieve full cosmetic results with porcelain LUMINEERS.

2. Versatility

LUMINEERS can improve your smile in a number of different ways. Using LUMINEERS you can straighten smile, whiten teeth, achieve a more seamless smile, and correct dental damage. You don’t have to deal with undergoing multiple treatments in a row in order to get your dream smile—you can get it all down in one fell swoop with LUMINEERS.

3. Ease of Use

Once your LUMINEERS are permanently affixed to your teeth, you’ll find that it is simple and intuitive to care for them. You’ll still be able to eat your favorite foods and drinks your favorite drinks, and you can brush and floss normally to clean your smile every day. Plus, LUMINEERS are resistant to staining, so you can keep your smile looking great for years to come.

These are just a few of the reasons that so many people are turning to LUMINEERS to perfect their smiles. Our Saint Louis cosmetic dentists are happy to give you more information about all of your cosmetic dentistry options—including LUMINEERS. Just give us a call to get started, today!

Cosmetic dentistry is all about working with what the patient has and improving it to enhance the overall appearance of the patient’s face and smile. For some patients this means simply correcting a broken tooth, or whitening dulling dental enamel. For other patients, however—like our patient Debra—cosmetic treatment involves completely transforming the patient’s smile.


Debra came to our Saint Louis cosmetic dentists with a number of concerns about her smile. Her dental enamel appeared dark and stained, she had a few chipped teeth, and her top teeth were crooked and misaligned. Debra was desperate for a cosmetic solution, but she wasn’t sure that it was even possible to transform her smile. Our cosmetic dentists explained to Debra that using porcelain veneers we could give her a smile makeover that would make her feel confident and take years off of the appearance of her teeth.


Dental veneers are thin, translucent layers of porcelain that are attached to existing teeth. These veneers recover the outer surface of the tooth—allowing cosmetic dentists to rectify a variety of aesthetic problems with one treatment. Dental veneers can:


·      Make cracked or chipped teeth appear whole

·      Close gaps between teeth

·      Whiten a dull smile

·      Reshape disproportioned teeth

·      Lengthen or widen an oddly shaped tooth


Debra ultimately chose dental veneers because she wouldn’t have to go through years of cosmetic treatment to realize her dream smile. For her this treatment was live changing. In just a few appointments we were able to transform Debra’s smile using dental veneers. She left our office with a white, straight, and natural-looking smile that she was proud to show off. Dental veneers are an incredibly versatile cosmetic treatment, suitable for many different patients and cosmetic concerns. Our Saint Louis cosmetic dentists can give your more information; just call (314) 332-1307.

We all feel better when we get a good, restful night’s sleep. Anything that disrupts your sleep—from a fire alarm in the middle of the night to jarring snoring—can keep you from getting a full restorative night’s sleep. Many patients with sleep apnea are suffering from constant fatigue, memory problems, and irritability due to poor quality sleep. These problems are obviously serious, and they become even scarier when we realize that over time these problems can compound and cause long-term health problems.


Sleep apnea can deprive the body of necessary oxygen. Some patients stop breathing for minutes at a time at night without even knowing it. Additionally, the increased stress and tension from sleep apnea can cause increased adrenaline levels. Consequently, sleep apnea may increase a patient’s risk for a variety of health problems in the future, including:


·      Severe headaches

·      Asthma and other respiratory problems

·      Hypertension

·      Heart disease

·      Stroke

·      Diabetes

·      Weight gain

·      Coronary artery disease

·      Memory problems


Sleep apnea complications are caused by oxygen deprivation, chronically disturbed sleep, or a combination of these two factors. Our Saint Louis sleep apnea dentists are able to diagnose your sleep apnea dysfunction and tailor treatment to meet your needs and restore optimal nighttime breathing.


Sleep apnea is treatable, and the sooner you seek a sleep apnea solution the less likely it is that you’ll suffer form long-term complications. Our office offers simple, non-invasive sleep apnea solutions—like dental appliances—to treat your condition easily and comfortably. Give our Saint Louis sleep apnea dentists a call if you have any questions or you’d like to schedule and appointment—(314) 332-1307.

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