Our Saint Louis Sleep Apnea Dentists Explain How This Sneaky Disorder Can Damage Your Health

Written by Dr. Grayem on Jul 28, 2017

Patients who suffer from sleep apnea often experience a range of uncomfortable and inconvenient symptoms. The problem is, because sleep apnea occurs at night, many sufferers are unable to link their health issues back to sleep apnea. That is where our Saint Louis sleep apnea dentists come in. We’re here to give you the information and support you need to manage sleep apnea in the healthiest way possible.

Today we’re going to be talking more about the ways that sleep apnea can negatively affect your health. As you’ll see, there are some short-term and long-term health issues for which you should stay vigilant.

Sleep apnea prevents you from inhaling an adequate amount of oxygen while you sleep. As your blood oxygen levels dip throughout the night, your body wakes slightly in order to restart the breathing process. This causes sleep apnea sufferers to deal with:

· Daytime fatigue

· Concentration and memory problems

· Chronic headaches, especially in the morning upon waking and before falling asleep

Patients who have sleep apnea are also prone to suffering dry mouth, which can wreak havoc on your oral health. Chronic dry mouth increases your risk of developing cavities, bad breath, and periodontal diseases.

So far we’ve been talking about sleep apnea-related health issues that show up in the short-term. There are, however, health issues that develop over time when sleep apnea goes untreated. Emerging research demonstrates that chronic sleep apnea is linked to heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure. Sleep apnea sufferers are also at a higher risk of dealing with diabetes. It is thought that poor sleep quality and low oxygen levels can leave sleep apnea patients susceptible to experiencing depression.

Prompt and effective sleep apnea treatment can help you avoid long-term health issues and improve your day to day life. Our Saint Louis sleep apnea dentists can give you all of the information you need about how sleep apnea manifests, and the treatment options available to you. Schedule a personal consultation to get started!