Our Saint Louis Relaxation Dentists Answer Patients’ Questions Regarding Oral Conscious Sedation

Written by Dr. Grayem on Apr 25, 2017

Dental fear and anxiety keep too many people from getting the dental treatments that they need to stay well. Our Saint Louis dentists understand that anxiety is a common problem among dental patients of many ages. That is why we make it such a priority to help people overcome dentistry-related stress and trepidation.

One treatment that is increasingly popular, and impressively effective, is oral conscious sedation. Keep reading to get more information about this exciting sedation option!

Q: What does oral conscious sedation do?

A: Oral conscious sedation makes you feel calm, comfortable, and untroubled in the dentist’s chair. You are never actually unconscious during treatment, but because oral conscious sedation has amnesiac qualities, you will not remember the treatment process once the sedative wears off.

Q: How is oral conscious sedation administered?

A: One reason that so many people love this treatment is that it is completely needle-free and face-mask-free. In order to benefit from oral conscious sedation, you will take a dentist-prescribed pill about an hour before you come in for treatment (someone will need to transport you to the office, as you will be under the effects of medication!). The sedative wears off on its own post-treatment.

Q: What kind of patients use oral conscious sedation?

A: Oral conscious sedation is helpful for all kinds of dental patients—those undergoing extensive or multi-phased treatment, those who suffer from dental anxiety, and those who want to get more dental treatments completed in a shorter period of time. Before our team recommends oral conscious sedation for you we will assess your current health status, talk about your history of dental sedation, and discuss your dental goals.

If you think that sedation dentistry may be able to help you, our Saint Louis sedation dentists are here to answer any questions that you may have, and guide you through your treatment options. Give us a call to schedule a consultation!