Our Saint Louis Dentists Review Properties of Modern Dental Restorations

Written by Dr. Grayem on Dec 21, 2023

As the world of dentistry has continued to progress, patients have been able transform and repair their smiles faster, more conveniently, and more effectively than ever before. How have improvements in dentistry changed the game? Our St. Louis dentists explain…

Upgrades in Materials

You may already be aware that amalgam was once the material of choice when it came to repairing teeth. Maybe you still have an amalgam restoration or two in your mouth! There are now restorative materials available that deliver better aesthetic, health, and functionality results. Our team recommends porcelain and composite resin to repair and improve your smile—no metal and no mercury required!

Properties of Porcelain

Porcelain as a restorative material has continued to advance in recent years. We’re now able to craft porcelain restorations that are simultaneously stronger and thinner than ever before. In fact, these restorations are so unobtrusive that we no longer need to shave away healthy tooth structure in order to make your restorations “fit.”

Down to the Details 

Every aspect of the restorations our team crafts are customized down to the smallest detail. Using your natural teeth as guides, we shape, size, and color your restoration to enhance your smile. If, for example, you have particularly round or angular dental enamel, we will refine your restoration to reflect your natural dental shapes.  

Modern restorative dentistry is more customizable and convenient than ever before. Don’t wait to contact our Saint Louis dentists to learn more or to schedule a personal consultation with our team.