Our Saint Louis Dentists Have Some Tips To Help You Improve Your Smile This Year

Written by Dr. Grayem on Dec 24, 2019

Ready to take your smile to the next level this year? Our Saint Louis dentists are here to help. Keep reading to get an idea of some things to consider as you make 2020 dental plans… 


As you are making long-term goals for you smile, now may be the perfect time to replace your toothbrush with a fresh one. The ADA actually recommends that you swap out your brush every three to four months. Another thing to look out for: make sure the bristles in your brush aren’t too firm, as this can actually cause your enamel to thin faster.

Oral Hygiene At Home

Your daily oral hygiene routine is crucial when it comes to keeping your smile attractive and healthy. If you feel like brushing twice a day and flossing at night isn’t doing enough, then you may benefit from adding a mouth rinse or special oral hygiene tool, like a Waterpik into your routine. Your dentist is there to help you refine your at-home dental care.


As you make decisions on what to eat and drink throughout the day, keep in mind that oral bacteria use sugars and refined carbohydrates for fuel to grow. Additionally, acidic substances lead to tooth de-mineralization; you want to consume these foods and drinks in moderation, and avoid sipping or snacking on them throughout the day.

Professional Care

As you make your plans for the new year, get your semi-annual dental cleanings on the books right now. Keeping up with professional cleanings will help you minimize cavity and gum disease development, as well as dental discoloration. These appointments also allow our team to spot signs of emerging oral health problems before they become serious.

Even if it has been years since you have undergone dental treatment, 2020 can be your year to get back on track. Contact our Saint Louis dentists by calling our office or submitting an inquiry through our Contact Us page.