Our Saint Louis Dentists Have Some Tips On How To Maintain Your Smile When You’re Ill

Written by Dr. Grayem on Feb 19, 2019

Our Saint Louis Dentists Have Some Tips On How To Maintain Your Smile When You’re Ill

This cold and flu season, our Saint Louis dentists are encouraging our patients to prioritize their smiles, even when they’re feeling under the weather. We know it can be difficult to keep up with your routine when you’re fatigued and sick, but, we promise, it’s worth it!

Emerging research indicates that upping your oral hygiene routine during illness can actually shorten the length of time that you experience unpleasant symptoms.

  • One of the best things that you can do for your overall health, as well as your smile, is to drink plenty of water throughout the day. It’s very common for sick patients to become dehydrated; unfortunately, dry mouth, a side effect of dehydration, provides the ideal environment for bacteria growth.
  • When you’re not feeling well, it is also a good idea to rinse your smile regularly. This not only refreshes your smile; it also prompts saliva production.
  • If you’re having trouble keeping up with your morning and evening dental hygiene routine, try stocking some smile-boosting things next to your bed. Make sure you have water nearby, and keep floss on hand. You can also use breath-freshening products with xylitol to minimize bacteria.
  • In some cases, illness is accompanied by vomiting. The oral acids present in vomit are harmful for your smile. Take special care to rinse your mouth vigorously after you throw up. Wait at least twenty to thirty minutes to actually brush your teeth, as your enamel is temporarily softened after acid exposure. Brushing in this interim period can may be too abrasive.
  • Gargling with warm salt water is a gentle way to refresh your smile, and to combat the unpleasant side-effects of post-nasal drip.

Don’t let illness derail your smile; there are simple things that you can do to care for your smile, even when you’re not feeling well. If you want to learn more, our Saint Louis dentists are here to help! Give our office a call, or use the Contact Us page on our site to reach out.