Our Saint Louis Dentist Talks About 3 Oral Health Issues To Look Out For

Written by Dr. Grayem on Feb 22, 2022

Early detection and prompt treatment of dental problems can make all of the difference in your dental prognosis. That is why our Saint Louis dentists encourage our patients to actively screen their smiles for signs of damage or infection. Keep reading to learn more about some common dental problems, and how they manifest… 

Tooth Loss

Premature tooth loss is one of the most serious oral health issues that adult patients face. When we think about tooth loss, many of us first consider the aesthetic ramifications. This is so important, but it’s not where the story ends. Tooth loss can actually kick off a chain reaction of oral health issues: gum tissue recession, loss of jawbone density, dental misalignment, and even additional tooth loss.

Periodontal Disease

Maintaining a strong and healthy smile is about a lot more than simply brushing your teeth. It is so important to maintain a healthy supportive dental structure as well—we’re talking about your dental nerves, roots, jawbone, and your gum tissue. Periodontal disease weakens this natural structure; oral bacteria essentially attack your smile from every angle. Set yourself up for success by treating signs of gum disease promptly with your dental team.

Nerve & Root Damage

The most sensitive and vulnerable parts of a tooth are housed in the tooth’s core and root. The dental nerves are the “living” part of the tooth structure. When these nerves are damaged, you’ll likely experience discomfort, aesthetic changes (the tooth takes on a gray or brown hue), as well as structural changes to your smile. This is why it’s so important to honor and protect your natural, healthy tooth structure.

These three types of dental damage are quite serious, but there are treatments available to repair and rebuild your smile. If you are living with a damaged smile, our St Louis dentists are here to help you reclaim a healthy and attractive smile. Give us a call to get started with a personal consultation!