Our Saint Louis Dentist Helps Patients Reach Their Goals With Structural Orthodontic Treatment

Written by Dr. Grayem on May 3, 2022

Many patients think of orthodontic treatment as a largely aesthetic-driven endeavor. However, the truth is that orthodontic treatment can also improve the functionality and health of your smile. Keep reading to get more information from our Saint Louis dentists 

Structural Orthodontic Treatment

When you first think of orthodontic treatment, you may call to mind all kinds of cosmetic benefits—straighter teeth, a seamless smile, a wide bite profile. All of these are important benefits of orthodontic care, but the advantages don’t stop there. Refining your dental alignment and bite surfaces can also deliver important functional oral health benefits. 

Common Applications 

For example, people who have developed crossbites, underbites, or overbites may use orthodontic treatment to improve how their top and bottom teeth come together. This helps to minimize your risk of developing dental attrition and damaged enamel. Refining your bite will also alleviate strain on your temporomandibular joints—the jaw joints that connect your lower jaw to your skull. Without treatment, patients with poorly aligned bites can develop discomfort and TMJ disorder. 


So many different types of patients are strong candidates for orthodontic care. You will want to make sure, however, that your teeth are healthy enough to undergo treatment. You may need to treat existing cavities or gum disease before the orthodontic process begins. It’s also important to replace aging or failing restorations with fresh crowns that are structurally sound.

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