Our Saint Louis Dentist Gives You Information About How Your Smile is Structured

Written by Dr. Grayem on Oct 11, 2022

Our Saint Louis dentists are committed to helping our patients understand how their smiles change over time. We know that well-informed patients are better able to make those dental decisions that are crucial to achieving and maintaining oral health. Keep reading to learn more…

Anatomy of a Tooth  

The first thing to know is that every tooth is actually made up of a number of tooth layers. The most sensitive and vulnerable layer is in the center of the tooth; this is called the dental pulp. Pulp contains tooth roots and dental nerves, which need to be protected. Outside of the pulp is a tooth layer called dentin, and surrounding that is the sturdy, white, and shiny dental enamel layer. This is the part of our teeth that we see when we look in the mirror every day. 

Oral Tissues

As you are caring for your smile from day to day, you want to take special care to clean the soft tissues of your mouth. Use light pressure and gentle products to refresh your mouth without contributing to tissue damage or recession. Remember that it’s also important to keep your soft tissues hydrated; this furthermore makes it harder for oral bacteria to thrive.

Invisible Support

Keep in mind that the structure of your smile extends far beyond what you are able to see in the mirror each day. Every tooth is held in place with cementum and periodontal ligament; it’s thanks to these supportive structures that your teeth remain rooted in jawbone tissue.

As you can see, all of the different components of your smile work together to give you a healthy, functional smile. If you are ready to take your dental care to the next level, our St. Louis dentists are here to help. Give us a call to get started!