Saint Louis Dentures Dentist Brings Patients the Latest Denture Technology With Geneva 2000 Dentures

Written by Dr. Grayem on Dec 25, 2012

Every patient needs to choose a tooth replacement option that works for him or her specifically. When considering tooth replacement options, you need to consider your lifestyle, your aesthetic goals, and your dental health goals. One viable tooth replacement option is dentures—and we’re not talking about those old clunky dentures of years past! With the latest denture technology you can achieve a smile that both looks and feels natural!

Our Saint Louis dental office uses Geneva 2000 dentures to provide patients with the highest quality dentures available. Like other dentures, the Geneva 2000s sit on top of the gum tissue—replacing both the look and function of natural teeth.

However, there are a number of particularities of Geneva dentures that put them above and beyond older models.

1. Geneva 2000 dentures are designed to look natural for each individual patient—these are the opposite of “one size fits all” dentures. Geneva dentures are both shaped and shaded to suit specific patients. The color of your replacement teeth will complement your overall appearance. The shape of your replacement teeth will depend on your gender—there are different tooth shapes for male and females, respectively—and your mouth size and shape.

2. These dentures are also designed to be comfortable and facilitate easy eating and speaking. Patients no longer need to worry about ill-fitting or uncomfortable dentures, because the denture is molded to exactly fit the patient’s gum tissue. Additionally, the bite surfaces on Geneva dentures are crafted to chew comfortably and naturally.

If you’re missing teeth, don’t feel too embarrassed to come in and get the help you need! Our Saint Louis dentist will help you find the tooth replacement option that works for your life, and helps you regain your health. Give us a call or check out our website to schedule your own consultation!