Look Out For These Signs Of Weak Dental Enamel As Described By Our Saint Louis Dentists

Written by Dr. Grayem on Dec 6, 2016

Dental enamel is the outermost covering of the tooth—this tooth layer is designed to protect the inner tooth from damage and infection. Dental enamel is designed to be strong and fairly non-porous. However, over time dental enamel can weaken, and this can put your teeth at risk of suffering from damage and infection.

Our Saint Louis dentists are here to tell you about some early signs of dental enamel deterioration and thinning. We hope that this info helps you seek treatment for enamel issues before they become severe.

As your enamel thins, you may find that your teeth actually start to change in appearance. If your teeth are looking more yellow in appearance, it could be because the dentin—the tooth layer under the dental enamel—is starting to show through to the surface of the tooth.

You might also find that your teeth have become more sensitive over time. Dental sensitivity is a sign that your enamel is more porous, and the nerves inside of your tooth are too exposed.

A clear sign that your enamel is compromised is an increase in cracks and chips in your enamel. Even small dental damage can be indicative of a larger problem, and micro cracks and chips can intensify and widen over time.

If you think that your enamel is weakening, talk to your dentist about your treatment options. Topical fluoride treatments can help to remineralize your enamel, and dental bonding can be used to further strengthen your dental structure. The sooner that you seek treatment for enamel thinning, the better your long-term prognosis.

Our Saint Louis dentists are happy to answer any questions that you may have about dental enamel issues. Give us a call to schedule a consultation, or use the Contact Us page on our site to submit a question!