Learn More From Our Saint Louis Dentists About Drinks That Can Damage Your Smile

Written by Dr. Grayem on Mar 5, 2019

Keeping your teeth looking white, fresh, and clean doesn’t have to be difficult; once you’re armed with the information you need, you can optimize your daily routine to protect your smile. With that in mind, our Saint Louis dentists are here to share some information about how different beverages can affect your teeth. We hope that this short overview helps you make solid daily decisions for your smile. 

  • The number one best beverage for your smile is plain old water. Water rinses away dental debris, and prompts saliva production. Plus, water is sugar-free and doesn’t stain teeth. 
  • Fruit juices can be beneficial for your overall health, but they are quite acidic. When teeth are exposed to acid, the dental enamel of the tooth temporarily softens. During this period of time the enamel is vulnerable to damage, discoloration, and erosion.
  • Coffee and black tea are both popular beverages, especially in the morning. Unfortunately, both of these beverages cause dental staining and discoloration. You may be surprised to learn that black tea is actually even more discoloring than coffee!
  • Soft drinks aren’t particularly good for overall wellness, and, as you might imagine, they are equally bad for your smile. Sodas contain loads of sugars, on which oral bacteria feed. Every time that you coat your mouth in sugary soda, you give harmful oral bacteria a boost.
  • Although energy drinks are often advertised as being part of a healthy lifestyle, they too are packed with sugar. Additionally, these drinks are often acidic, so your smile has to deal with a double whammy oral health threats.

It is a good idea to, as much as possible, minimize your consumption of harmful beverages. When you do indulge, try to do so over a short period of time, rather than little-by-little throughout the day; remember, oral bacteria stay active for about 20 to 30 minutes after they are exposed to sugars.

Our Saint Louis dentists are here to answer any questions that you may have; please feel free to call our office to schedule a personal consultation!