Learn More About Tooth Replacement Treatments Offered By Our Saint Louis Dentist

Written by Dr. Grayem on Aug 16, 2016

When you are searching for a tooth replacement option, you want to make sure that you ultimately choose a treatment that meets all of your needs. You want to consider…

· Your desired aesthetic results

· The day-to-day maintenance required

· Long-term oral health benefits or effects

· Treatment timeline

Today our Saint Louis restorative dentists are giving you a quick overview of various treatment types:

Traditional dentures—these dental prosthetics are designed to replace multiple teeth in a row. The base of the prosthetic is molded to fit over the patient’s gum tissue, and the denture can be further stabilized with an adhesive designed for dentures.

Implant-stabilized dentures—modern dental technology allows our team to actually permanently anchor your denture in your jawbone tissue using mini dental implant roots. Implant-stabilized dentures (this treatment is also called all-on-four treatment) stay in place 24/7, and offer the patient increased prosthetic stability.

Dental implant—this stand-alone replacement tooth mimics, as much as possible, the structure of a natural tooth. The dental implant has a titanium root that replaces the missing natural tooth root—this titanium root extends into the patient’s jawbone, and anchors the entire replacement tooth. A natural looking dental restoration is anchored to the titanium root with a connector piece called an abutment. When the dental implant is complete, it looks just like a real tooth, and you can treat it like a regular tooth as well!

Mini dental implants—some dental implants use thinner implant roots than conventional implant roots. These roots may be useful for dental patients with diminished jawbone density, and they are also frequently used for implant-stabilized dentures.

No matter what tooth replacement treatment you ultimately choose, timely treatment can help you avoid many of the long-term complications associated with tooth loss. Please don’t hesitate to contact our Saint Louis dental office for more information or to schedule your consultation!