Learn More About Protecting Dental Enamel From Our Saint Louis Dentists

Written by Dr. Grayem on May 10, 2016

In order to maintain long-term oral health, it is very important that you prioritize the strength of your dental enamel. Our Saint Louis dentists are here to provide you with the information and treatments that you need to care for your enamel for years to come.

Brushing and flossing as recommended will help to prevent plaque and oral acids from thinning and weakening your enamel. Beyond that…

· Your dentist may recommend a specially formulated mouth rinse to further clean your smile and strengthen your teeth

· Your dental team may apply sealants over some of your smile’s chewing surfaces. These sealants prevent harmful bacteria from taking root in the grooves of your teeth, especially your back molars.

· Your enamel may benefit from topical fluoride applications. Dental patients with diminished enamel may undergo in-office fluoride treatments periodically to help re-mineralize enamel.

· It is important to look out for habits and behaviors that will thin and weaken enamel over time. For example, if you chronically grind and clench your teeth (this condition is called bruxism), you may need to wear a mouth guard at night in order to keep your enamel from becoming damaged. Also, if you regularly chew on ice, hard candies, or mints, try to limit this behavior, as it will hurt your teeth over time.

· Try to use gentle floss to remove dental debris from your smile. Using wooden and metal toothpicks can actually harm your enamel.

Take the time to care or your dental enamel now, and your smile will thank you in the future! As always, our Saint Louis dentists can provide you with all of the additional information and guidance that you need to care for your smile. If you want to schedule a consultation with our helpful team, just call our office, or use the Contact Us page on our website.