Kirkwood Cosmetic Dentist Explains Tooth Discoloration

Written by Dr. Grayem on Jul 19, 2011

Welcome to our new dental blog! I’ll be using this space to discuss innovative developments in dental technology, provide more information on what’s happening in our practice, and answer common patient questions. As you consider your dental options, I hope that you’ll find this is a useful resource.

This first blog post is devoted to a hugely popular cosmetic concern for many patients—how to get (and keep) white teeth. I’d like to briefly discuss how teeth become discolored in the first place, and then review some ways to combat dark, dingy dental enamel.

First, it’s important to keep in mind that there is no “right” level of whiteness for dental enamel. Different patients naturally have different shades of dental enamel—some people are born with teeth that have a slightly yellower tint, for example. Therefore, when evaluating your own smile, remember that teeth bleaching treatments can actually whiten enamel beyond its natural white. So if you feel like your teeth were never brilliantly white, bleaching may be an option to explore.

Additionally, there are foods and drinks that discolor dental enamel. Some common culprits include tea, coffee, red wine and soft drinks. Both chewing tobacco and smoking tobacco also stain teeth. It’s best to enjoy discoloring drinks in moderation, and avoid tobacco all together in order to minimize staining. You can also brush or rinse directly after consuming staining substances.

It seems that more patients than ever are looking to rejuvenate their teeth and brighten their smiles. Luckily, teeth bleaching treatments are fast, non-invasive, and effective. Our St. Louis County Cosmetic Dentist Office offers a variety of teeth whitening and bleaching treatments that can be administered in-office or at home.

Working with a professional dentist to whiten your smile is the best way to ensure that you get stunning results. With a cosmetic dentist’s help, you can achieve a natural-looking, brilliant smile— avoiding a “too white” fake looking smile and tooth sensitivity. Our Kirkwood cosmetic dentists are here to answer any questions you may have about tooth discoloration and teeth whitening options. Don’t hesitate to give us a call— (314) 332-1307.