Keep Your Eyes Open For These Dental Issues As Explained By Our Saint Louis Dentists

Written by Dr. Grayem on Sep 11, 2017

No one knows your smile better and more thoroughly than you do. You are truly the first line of defense when it come stop dental health, and our Saint Louis dentists believe that the more information you have about oral health, the more effective you’ll be at protecting your smile. 

One of the biggest problems that our dental team sees is that patients wait too long after developing a dental problem to come in for treatment. Scheduling prompt dental treatment can save you time, stress, and money, as well as set you up for a better oral health prognosis.

With this in mind, our dental team is here to share some oral health red flags that may indicate an emerging dental problem. If you find yourself dealing with one of these problems, take the initiative to reach out to your dentist ASAP.

Consistent bad breath: this can be a sign of an existing dental cavity as well as periodontal disease. The oral bacteria that cause dental infections actually emit unpleasant odors when they feed on sugars and multiply. So, if you find that your mouth feels stale no matter how thoroughly you clean it, an underlying infection may be to blame. 

Visual dental changes: sometimes patients notice small imperfections in their teeth, but they don’t seek treatment because they’re not experiencing pain. The truth is that dental problems can progress asymptomatically for a period of time before reaching the dental nerves and causing pain. So, if you notice cracks or chips in your enamel, or discoloration to your teeth, have your dentist check it out!

Increased sensitivity: obviously serious dental problems, like entrenched cavities can lead to dental pain. However, something as simple as increased sensitivity can indicate that your dental enamel is becoming thinner and weaker. Prompt and effective treatment can help you safeguard your enamel before more serious dental problems develop.

Want to learn more about caring for your smile and spotting signs of dental deterioration? Our Saint Louis dentists are here to help! Call our office to schedule a personal consultation and to speak to a member of our team.