Saint Louis Cosmetic Dentist Explains How Professional and Over the Counter Teeth Whitening Treatments Compare

Written by Dr. Grayem on Dec 13, 2011

Our Saint Louis cosmetic dentistry office offers a variety of dental services to help patients refresh and rejuvenate their smiles. Without a doubt, one of the most popular treatment options is professional teeth bleaching. In just one or two appointments many patients can enjoy a whiter, brighter smile—taking years off of their appearance.

Many patients wonder how professional teeth whitening compares to at-home whitening kits. Both professional and self-administered whiteners utilize hydrogen or carbamide peroxide to bleach dental enamel. Consequently, these treatments have the potential to brighten teeth beyond their natural shade of whiteness.

Professional formulations—which are administered by a dentist during a dental appointment—are more potent than over the counter products. Professional whitening, therefore, delivers results quickly. Many patients notice that their teeth are whitened significantly after just one or two sessions.

Non-professional products, on the other hand, may take weeks or months to noticeably whiten teeth. These formulations are often less predictable than doctor-administered treatments, because a dentist is not able to customize and monitor the treatment process.

A certain amount of dental staining is inevitable as patients eat, drink, and age. Professional teeth whitening is the surest way to refresh the appearance of dental enamel. The primary benefits of teeth whitening, when compared to other cosmetic treatments, are that this treatment is fast, effective, and painless.

To learn more about how teeth whitening works, feel free to give our Saint Louis cosmetic dentists a call at (314) 332-1307. If you do decide that teeth bleaching is right for you, make sure to discuss your plans with a dentist, to ensure that whitening doesn’t cause any unnecessary side effects or discomfort.