Here Are The Basic Facts On Dentures From Our Saint Louis Dentures Dentist

Written by Dr. Grayem on Mar 3, 2015

Tooth loss is an aesthetic and functional oral health problem. What are patients who are suffering from tooth loss to do?

There are a variety of tooth replacement options available to patients today. There are treatments for patients who have lost one tooth as well as treatments for people with empty jaw lines (and treatments for everyone in between!).

Today we are going to be talking about restorative option for patients who have lost many successive teeth. This treatment option is the denture. Let’s learn more about how dentures work.

Every denture has a base, which is molded to fit the patient’s gum tissue. On top of this base are replacement teeth. The teeth are permanently bonded to the base. In our Saint Louis dentist office we craft the denture to reflect your natural smile, and complement your appearance.

One type of denture is the removable denture. This prosthetic sits on top of your gum tissue, and is held firmly in place with dental adhesive. Because the denture base is designed to fit your gum tissue, the denture will feel natural during the day. You will take the denture out at night and to clean it.

Another restorative option is the fixed denture. This type of denture is actually permanently held in place along the patient’s gum line by small dental implant roots. After our dental team places a few implant roots in certain spots along your jaw, we will attach your denture to these roots. Fixed dentures—as the name implies—stay in place all the time.

No matter what your treatment preference, please seek some sort of restorative, tooth-replacement treatment in a timely manner. It is crucial to both the appearance and the health of your smile that you see a dentist promptly.

As always, our Saint Louis dentures dentists are here to walk you through this process—give us a call!