Here Are Some Simple Oral Health Boosting Tips From Our Saint Louis Dentists

Written by Dr. Grayem on Oct 20, 2015

If you are interested in maintaining a healthy smile for years to come, this short article is for you. Our Saint Louis dentists have put together this short list of oral health boosting habits, so that you can start to incorporate them into your daily routine. Sometimes, small changes to your oral health routine can make all the difference.

Let’s go ahead and assume that you are already following your dentist’s instructions about brushing and flossing your smile. What else can you do during the day to keep your smile fresh?

1. Try to drink as much water as possible. First of all, every time that you are drinking water, that means that you are not drinking sugary drinks like sodas and juices! Plus, water boosts your ability to produce saliva; saliva neutralizes bacteria, and it helps to protect your dental enamel.

2. Food stuck between your teeth? Make a good decision about how to remove dental debris and food particles! Try to dislodge these remnants by swishing water around your mouth, or using a piece of floss. Avoid using metal and wooden toothpicks, as these can actually damage gum tissue and leave it more prone to infection.

3. When you do indulge a in a sweet/carbohydrate rich treat, do so in within a limited period of time. Oral bacteria love to feed on these substances, but oral bacteria only remain active and feeding for about 30 minutes after you consume a food or drink. So it’s better to snack in one sitting, rather than expose your smile to sugars and carbohydrates consistently throughout the day

Our Saint Louis dentists would be happy to give you even more information about how to care for your smile. So, give our team a call with your questions, and schedule your personal consultation for personalized tips.