Get More Information About Dental Whitening From Our Saint Louis Cosmetic Dentist

Written by Dr. Grayem on May 14, 2014

Get More Information About Dental Whitening From Our Saint Louis Cosmetic Dentist

If you have been looking in the mirror and noticing that your smile is starting to look a little too dark or stained, you are in good company. Our Saint Louis cosmetic dentist office speaks to many adult patients who are suffering from dental staining and discoloration. The good news is that there are steps that you can take to make your smile look brighter and whiter.

The first step to keeping your teeth as white as possible is to follow a high-quality dental hygiene routine. Every time that you complete a professional dental cleaning, you technically undergo a whitening treatment. Whitening treatments remove dental debris from the teeth, and buff away dental plaque. Many patients are amazed at how much brighter and whiter their smiles appear after a simple dental cleaning.

To lift entrenched stains from your dental enamel, professional teeth bleaching treatments are quite effective. These treatments utilize a type of peroxide (usually carbamide) to lighten existing dental stains within the dental enamel. In-office treatments usually take less than an hour, and some patients achieve visible results in only one or two dental appointments!

If you already have dental stains that are difficult to lighten and brighten, you may want to consider porcelain LUMINEERS. Some people have dental enamel that is resistant to bleaching treatments. LUMINEERS are cosmetic restorations that completely cover the patient’s dental enamel, so once they are applied they will give your smile a fresh, luminous appearance. LUMINEERS take only two or three appointments to complete, so you can achieve the glowing smile you want in no time at all.

When you meet with our Saint Louis cosmetic dentists, you will get even more information about which whitening treatment is best for you. Please give our dental team a call, or submit a question on our inquiries page in order to get started.