Dr. Grayem Breaks Down Your Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment Options

Written by Dr. Grayem on Nov 14, 2023

Our dental team has seen, through years of experience, just how transformative cosmetic dentistry can be. Many patients report that they feel more confident and outgoing after undergoing cosmetic treatment.

The key to successful cosmetic dental care is to make sure that the treatments you use are truly tailored to fit your needs. With that in mind, keep reading to learn more about the cosmetic options our San Francisco cosmetic dentists offer.

If you want to achieve a whiter and brighter smile, our team offers a number of treatments that can help you achieve your goals. Professional dental whitening, for example, works to minimize stains on the patient’s natural teeth. Using a topical gel, our dentist lifts discoloration and restores the enamel to its previous level of whiteness. Alternatively, you can cover unsightly stains with dental resin or porcelain veneers. These options are especially good for people who have not had success with topical whitening, and/or want to correct other aesthetic issues while whitening their smiles.

Many patients come to our Saint Louis cosmetic dental team because they are unhappy with their dental alignment. Our team uses Invisalign to comfortably and discreetly move a patient’s teeth into better positions. This option generally takes a year to a year and a half to complete. If you’re looking to achieve results on a shorter timeline, we may be able to make your smile appear straighter using dental bonding or cosmetic veneers.

Another benefit of bonding and veneers is that these treatments can actually improve the appearance of teeth that are disproportionately short or narrow. Using resin or porcelain, we can build up uneven teeth in order to give the smile a more seamless appearance. Many people choose bonding and veneers precisely because they are able to change their dental shapes using these treatments.

Depending on the state of your smile, you may pursue one treatment, or combine cosmetic options in order to achieve optimal results. Our St. Louis cosmetic dentists are here to help you through this process so that you end up with an aesthetic dentistry plan that meets all of your needs. Get started by giving our office a call to schedule a personal consultation with our team!