Achieve Results Quickly With Help From Our Saint Louis Dentists

Written by Dr. Grayem on Aug 3, 2020

Fitting preventive and restorative dental care into your routine can feel like a challenge, and that doesn’t even take into account time devoted to aesthetic dentistry. That is why our Saint Louis dentists make it a point to offer efficient treatments that deliver results in just one day. Keep reading to learn more about these same-day treatments…

Thorough Cleaning

No matter what your dental goals, it is likely that your treatment will begin with a thorough cleaning and assessment. This gives our team a fresh slate to work with, and it allows our dentists to get a comprehensive view of any health or structural issues that need to be addressed.

Dental Whitening

If you want to minimize existing stains and discoloration, topical professional whitening may be the answer. Many people are able to whiten their smiles by several shades after just one session.

Dental Bonding

This versatile treatment is used to close gaps between teeth, repair dental damage, resurface unsightly enamel, and even lengthen disproportionately short teeth. Our dental team will apply custom-shaded composite resin to your natural tooth structure, and then cure it so that it hardens. All of this is completed in one appointment.

CEREC Crowns

Traditionally, crowns required multiple appointments to craft, fit, and place. Now, however, our Saint Louis dentists are able to utilize CEREC technology to make custom ceramic crowns right here in our office. That means that you can come in with a damaged tooth, and leave the same day with a high-quality permanent crown restoring your tooth.

No matter what your dental goals may be, our Saint Louis dentists are here to help you achieve your goals on your timeline. Get started by calling our office or using the Contact Us page to submit an inquiry. We look forward to speaking with you!