3 Things That Are Aging Your Smile; Our Saint Louis Dentists Can Help!

Written by Dr. Grayem on Feb 5, 2019

Many of us want to improve the appearances of our smiles, but we’re just not sure where to start. How do we got about refreshing and rejuvenating dental aesthetics?

Our Saint Louis cosmetic dentists help our patients to identify cosmetic goals, so that they can move forward with treatments that meet their needs. With that in mind, keep reading to learn about the top 3 aesthetic issues that are aging your smile.

  • Untreated Damage

Many of us, despite our best efforts, develop small dental imperfections over time: things like cracks and chips in our enamel. These minor structural issues can make your smile look older, and poorly maintained. The good news is that simple, and fast, treatments like dental bonding can be used to repair enamel conveniently.

  • Worn Down Enamel

Teeth are strong, and designed to stand up to wear and tear, but they certainly aren’t indestructible. Our chewing and bite patterns, as well as conditions like bruxism, will cause the edges of dental enamel to thin and become blunted over time. The visual effect of this condition is teeth that appear poorly proportioned and unnaturally short. Dental restorations, veneers, and dental bonding can all be used to build the tooth back up and improve the balance of the smile.

  • Dental Discoloration

Natural dental enamel can become discolored for a number of reasons. Environmental staining results from staining foods, drinks, and tobacco products. Additionally, worn down teeth will start to look yellow, because the 2nd layer of the tooth—the dentin—is able to show through the tooth’s surface. Severely injured teeth may take on a dull or gray appearance due to nerve damage. Our team treats dental discoloration with professional whitening treatments (which is best for environmental staining), as well as cosmetic options like veneers and dental bonding.

If you’re dealing with any of these aesthetic issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Saint Louis cosmetic dentists to learn more about your treatment options!