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Saint Louis Restorative Dentist Reviews The Possibilities Of Implant Smiles

Modern day tooth replacement options are more attractive and intuitive than ever before. Our Saint Louis dentists are always working to update our practice with the most innovative and effective treatments for our patients. Enter: Implant Smiles!

Keep reading to learn more about what Implant Smiles is, and how it can help people suffering from tooth loss.

Implant Smiles is all about restoring a patient’s smile after he or she has suffered from tooth loss. The key restorative solution in this treatment protocol is called “All on 4.” All on 4 treatment is also called implant stabilized dentures.

Using strategically-placed dental implant roots, our team can permanently anchor a larger dental prosthetic—like a denture—in the patient’s jawbone. The treatment is called “All on 4” because usually a full denture (or all of your replacement teeth) can be held in place with just 4 dental implant roots!

Once your replacement teeth are secured, they will stay in place 24/7, and they are not removable by the patient. Since these replacement teeth are in place permanently, you’ll find that they are very simple and straightforward to care for, and they function exceptionally naturally.

The titanium dental implant roots that sit in your jaw tissue actually help you maintain healthy jawbone density, and support your natural teeth.

One additional thing that people love about Implant Smiles is that this treatment delivers results in a very short period of time. In many cases, our team can place your implant roots and attach your implant-stabilized dentures in just one visit. This is an efficient way to completely restore your smile!

Our Saint Louis dental team is here to give you any additional information that you need about all of your tooth replacement options, including Implant Smiles. Call our office when you are ready to get started, or use our website to submit a question!

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