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When Janet came in to our Saint Louis cosmetic dentist office, she was looking to improve the appearance of her aging smile. Janet had just turned 40 when she met with our dental team, and she had noticed that her smile was looking pretty stained, and that her dental enamel had accumulated some chips and cracks.

Janet considered a number of cosmetic dentistry treatments before ultimately deciding to pursue porcelain LUMINEERS. She loved the idea that LUMINEERS could correct all of her cosmetic problems at once!

Our dentists use porcelain LUMINEERS to…

· Make a crooked smile appear straighter and seamless. With strategically placed dental veneers, you can mask misaligned teeth—making your entire smile appear straighter.

· Lighten the appearance of dark and dull dental enamel. Patients with dental stains and discoloration that is difficult to treat (perhaps not receptive to professional dental whitening treatments), can use LUMINEERS to completely cover unsightly dental enamel. The result is a smile that looks bright, white, and luminous.

· Close gaps between teeth. Orthodontic treatment is not the only way to close spaces between your teeth. LUMINEERS can be crafted to cover these spaces, and make your smile appear seamless.

· Resurface damaged dental enamel. If your teeth have accumulated small cracks or chips over the years, LUMINEERS can cover these imperfections. With LUMINEERS your damaged teeth will look brand new again.

Do you see your own cosmetic dental complaints on this list? If so, LUMINEERS may be able to help you reclaim a stunning smile in no time.

Janet had most of her teeth rejuvenated with LUMINEERS. She’s been thrilled with the results—and it only took three appointments to complete her treatment! If you would like to learn more about porcelain LUMINEERS, give our Saint Louis LUMINEERS dentist office a call today.

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