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Saint Louis Cosmetic Dentist Offers Various Treatments To Transform Smiles

So you have made the decision to improve your smile with cosmetic dentistry—that’s great! Now it’s time to learn about all of your cosmetic treatment options, so that you can figure out which treatment works best for your smile. That’s precisely why our Saint Louis cosmetic dentists are here!

When you’re considering different potential treatments, it’s important to think about the visual results the treatment will deliver, the timeline in which the treatment can be completed, the cost of the treatment, and the post-treatment maintenance you’ll need to complete in order to keep your smile looking good.

Teeth whitening treatment, for example, is very affordable and fast. Many patients notice that their teeth are substantially whiter after just one or two professional whitening sessions. This treatment is great for people who are simply looking for a way to refresh dull, stained, or yellowing enamel.

LUMINEERS are more versatile—you can use these porcelain restorations to lighten, straighten, and/or improve the balance of your smile. LUMINEERS can also cover minor dental damage. LUMINEERS are more expensive than dental whitening, and many other cosmetic options. However, once your LUMINEERS are in place, they’ll stay in your mouth permanently, and they are resistant to staining. In order to maintain your LUMINEERS you’ll simply need to care for your smile as you normally do.

Dental bonding can help you achieve some of the same aesthetics as LUMINEERS, but at a lower price. The dental bonding process involves our dental team applying custom-shaded resin to your natural enamel. Using this resin we can lighten the appearance of your smile, correct dental damage, and even make certain teeth slightly wider or longer. Dental bonding is not quite as durable as LUMINEERS, and, generally, LUMINEERS deliver more dramatic results.

If you aren’t quite sure what type of cosmetic treatment will work for you, our Saint Louis cosmetic dentists are happy to answer your questions and provide you with additional information. Give us a call!

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