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Our Saint Louis cosmetic dentistry office offers a variety of dental services to help patients refresh and rejuvenate their smiles. Without a doubt, one of the most popular treatment options is professional teeth bleaching. In just one or two appointments many patients can enjoy a whiter, brighter smile—taking years off of their appearance.

Many patients wonder how professional teeth whitening compares to at-home whitening kits. Both professional and self-administered whiteners utilize hydrogen or carbamide peroxide to bleach dental enamel. Consequently, these treatments have the potential to brighten teeth beyond their natural shade of whiteness.

Professional formulations—which are administered by a dentist during a dental appointment—are more potent than over the counter products. Professional whitening, therefore, delivers results quickly. Many patients notice that their teeth are whitened significantly after just one or two sessions.

Non-professional products, on the other hand, may take weeks or months to noticeably whiten teeth. These formulations are often less predictable than doctor-administered treatments, because a dentist is not able to customize and monitor the treatment process.

A certain amount of dental staining is inevitable as patients eat, drink, and age. Professional teeth whitening is the surest way to refresh the appearance of dental enamel. The primary benefits of teeth whitening, when compared to other cosmetic treatments, are that this treatment is fast, effective, and painless.

To learn more about how teeth whitening works, feel free to give our Saint Louis cosmetic dentists a call at (314) 332-1307. If you do decide that teeth bleaching is right for you, make sure to discuss your plans with a dentist, to ensure that whitening doesn’t cause any unnecessary side effects or discomfort.

Many patients know that they should brush and floss at least twice daily. They do their best to adhere to these rules, and yet they find that their teeth still appear dark and yellow with age. This can be frustrating experience for a patient who wants to maintain a bright, white smile, which is why our Saint Louis cosmetic dental office offers in-office teeth whitening treatments along with patient education so that patients can reclaim their bright white smiles.

So how does dental staining develop?

There is no one cause of dental discoloration. Rather your dental stains are probably the result of several factors working together. Here are common causes of dental discoloration:


Food and Drink

Some common staining substances include coffee, tea, and cola. Additionally red wine and deep berries can darken dental enamel. Many rich, deeply colored foods and sauces will cause surface stains over time.



Have you ever woken up in the morning with a sore jaw or aching row of teeth? If so you may be grinding or clenching your teeth in your sleep. Dental grinding and clenching is known as bruxism. Over time this habit wears down dental enamel and allows stains to accumulate in micro-cracks on the tooth’s surface.


Tobacco Use

Tobacco products—both chewing and smoking products—are responsible for some of the most extreme dental discoloration. One of the best ways to maintain the brilliant smile of your youth is to avoid tobacco.


Poor Dental Hygiene

Plaque and tartar can make your teeth appear brown or yellow. Proper at-home maintenance and semi-annual professional cleanings combat this discoloration.


As you can see there are many causes of dental discoloration. Even if you follow a diligent dental hygiene routine and avoid tobacco, it’s likely that you’ll find your smile dulls over time. The good news is that our Saint Louis cosmetic dentists can restore your white smile with professional in-office bleaching. Give us a call at (314) 332-1307 for more information.

It used to be that in order to treat sleep apnea, patients had to struggle with obstructive and cumbersome CPAP machine. Unfortunately, this meant that many patients ended up avoiding treatment for their conditions because they didn’t’ want to live with a CPAP.


The good news is that our Saint Louis sleep apnea dentists now offer an easy to use, effective alternative to traditional CPAP therapy. If you or someone you love has been struggling with a CPAP machine, or avoiding sleep apnea treatment all together, this could be the solution you’ve been waiting for.


How do these dental appliances work?


Sleep apnea breathing obstructions and snoring are caused when soft tissue blocks a patient’s airway. Sleep apnea dental appliances fit easily into the mouth, just like retainers or mouth guards, and support the soft tissue. Consequently, sleep apnea dental appliances maintain an open airway, so the patient can enjoy a restful, uninterrupted night’s sleep.


Do these appliances work?

Sleep apnea oral appliances are FDA-approved and highly effective. When you meet with out sleep apnea team, we will evaluate your current sleep apnea symptoms and determine if you are a candidate for a sleep apnea oral appliance. If you qualify we’ll create your dental appliance to custom-fit your mouth, and treat your specific sleep apnea dysfunction.


Many patients are thrilled with how quickly they see results. In just a matter of nights many sufferers find that they are sleeping better, and waking up in the morning with more energy.


We understand that the CPAP machine may not be the ideal sleep apnea solution for every patient. That’s why our Saint Louis sleep apnea dentists are committed to helping patients find sleep apnea solutions that work for them. Give us a call for more information or to schedule an appointment at (314) 332-1307.

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