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So you are ready to whiten and brighten your smile: that’s great! Now it’s time to choose the perfect treatment for you, specifically. That’s where our Saint Louis cosmetic dentists come into play. When you come in for your personalized consultation with our dental team we will be able to help you weigh your options. Today we are going to get the ball rolling by reviewing three treatments that are commonly used to whiten and brighten smiles. Let’s get started!

We’ll start off by talking about professional dental whitening; this is the treatment that people most frequently think of when they hear “teeth whitening.” This treatment is non-invasive, fast, and affordable. If you choose professional dental whitening, you will come into our office, and settle in for about an hour in the dentist’s chair. Our dentist will apply a topical whitening formula to your enamel, and then we’ll wait as this solution goes to work lifting surface stains. Once the treatment process is over, we’ll remove the whitening formula, and you can jump back into your normal routine. This treatment process can be repeated over multiple appointments.

This next option does not aim to whiten your natural tooth, rather dental bonding allows our dentist to cover your natural enamel with fresh and white dental resin. Once the dental resin has been applied and shaped, our team will cure the resin so that it hardens and bonds to the tooth. Because dental resin can be shaded to fit the individual patient’s needs, the final bonding will blend in seamlessly with the person’s natural enamel.

LUMINEERS, like dental bonding, cover discolored or unsightly enamel with fresh and clean restorations. LUMINEERS, however, are crafted from porcelain, rather than dental resin. Every LUMINEER is sized, shaped, and shaded to suit the patient’s needs. Then, using a dental grade adhesive, our dentist attaches the LUMINEERS to the appropriate teeth. The results is a bright and natural looking smile.

Every cosmetic dentistry patient has different needs, so the best way to figure out you should whiten your smile is to schedule a consultation with one of our Saint Louis cosmetic dentist. A fresh, white smile is closer than you think thanks to aesthetic dentistry!

Preventive dentistry is hugely important, and can make a big difference to a patient’s oral health status. But what should you do when preventive dentistry isn’t enough—when dental damage does rear its ugly head?

The simple answer: call our Saint Louis dentists! We offer a range of restorative treatments to help get your smile back on track. Here is a short overview of some of the tools and technologies that we utilize to repair damaged smiles.

1. Cavity elimination + fillings

Our dental team will remove spots of infection in your smile, and then restore the affected teeth using natural-looking, tooth-colored fillings. If you are dealing with a serious infection—meaning one that has worked its way into the your dental pulp/dental roots—our team can perform root canal therapy to save any remaining healthy tooth structure.

2. Dental bonding

Using custom-shaded dental resin, our team can fill in cracked teeth, rebuild chipped way enamel, resurface dark or dull smiles, and even improve the alignment and balance of your overall smile.

3. Natural looking crowns

We will place dental crowns to rebuild teeth that have been compromised by infection or dental trauma. The crowns that we use are hearty, and made of tooth-colored porcelain—you don’t have to worry about the dental darkness associated with amalgam restorations!

4. Tooth replacement options

If you have lost some (or many) of your natural teeth, we will help you rebuild your smile. We offer dentures, implant-stabilized dentures, bridges, and stand-alone dental implants, so that we can meet your unique needs.

So, back to our original question: what should you do when dental damage pops up? Don’t panic! As you can see, there are all kinds of effective restorative treatments at your disposal. Our Saint Louis dentist can give you all of the information that you need to move forward—just give us a call!

In dentistry, as in most things in life, it is always better to notice and address problems as the first emerge. The sooner that you are able to treat a dental problem, the better your long term prognosis!

For this reason, our Saint Louis dentists want to help our patients learn about the signs of dental damage; that way, our patients gain the ability to monitor their own smiles between professional dental appointments.

Here are some common oral health changes that may point to dental problems:

Sensitive and bleeding gum tissue: if you notice that your gums look swollen, that they are painful, or that they are prone to bleeding, these issues could be sign of emerging periodontal disease

Persistent bad breath: it is also very common for people with dental problems to experience hard-to-treat bad breath. As oral bacteria take root in your smile, they release bad odors. So if you are noticing that your mouth never really feels “fresh,” reach out to your dental team

Gaps in your gum tissue: as oral infections set in, you may notice that your gum tissue actually starts to pull away from your teeth and jawbones. These gaps in your gum tissue are called “periodontal pockets,” and they are a sign that your gum tissue is being damaged by a chronic infection

Visible changes to your smile: if you do notice spots or dark deposits developing on your smile, these might be related to dental damage. It is always best to have your oral health provider check them out just to be sure

Do you have more questions for our Saint Louis dental team? If so, please feel free to give us a call for more information—we are here to help in any way we can!

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