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Our Saint Louis cosmetic dentists see many adult patients who want to achieve white, young looking smiles. Our dental team has a number of tips for these patients, and today we are sharing this information with you!

What you can do to keep your smile as bright as possible at home:

· Brush at least twice a day

· Floss at least once a day

· Rinse your mouth after you brush and floss your teeth

· Rinse your mouth with water right after you consume staining substances

· Avoid staining substances as much as possible—some common discoloring substances include coffee, soda, red wine, tea, chocolate, deep/rich sauces, and all tobacco products

· When you do eat something that stains your teeth, try not to sip or snack on it for a long period of time, as this allows the staining particles to sit on your dental enamel for a longer period of time

If you are already battling existing dental discoloration, there are still things that you can do refresh your smile. For example:

· Schedule a professional dental cleaning—you may be surprised at how much brighter your smile can look after a high-quality dental cleaning

· Explore professional teeth whitening treatments—these treatments lift stains from the dental enamel in a short period of time

· Talk to your dentist about LUMINEERS if you are having trouble whitening your smile with dental hygiene measures and professional whitening treatments. Because LUMINEERS cover the patient’s dental enamel, they can completely mask and cover stained teeth.

As always, our Saint Louis cosmetic dentist is here to answer any questions you may have about your dental options—including teeth whitening treatments! Please call our dental office, or submit a question for our dental team through our website, in order to get started right away.

Obstructive sleep apnea can make it very difficult for patients to maintain healthy sleeping patterns and long-term overall wellbeing. Consequently, our Saint Louis sleep apnea dentist office recommends that every patient with sleep apnea symptoms seek treatment as soon as these symptoms emerge.

Sometimes it is actually the patient’s sleeping partner who is in the best position to notice sleep apnea problems. Because sleep apnea occurs at night, the patient may miss the tell tale symptoms.

If you notice that your sleeping partner exhibits any of these sleep apnea red flags, please encourage him or her to seek treatment from a qualified dentist as soon as possible.

Heavy, Persistent Snoring

Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when a patient’s airway becomes blocked by relaxed oral tissues. Since the airway is blocked, the patient struggles to bring oxygen in and out of the lungs. This mechanical problem results in loud and obtrusive snoring—you may even notice that your partner makes a rattling or rasping sound.

Frequent Awakenings

While this patient is sleeping, his or her body registers the fluctuations in oxygen levels. When oxygen levels dip too low, the patient may jerk awake, in order to restart the breathing process. This disrupts the patient’s natural and healthy REM cycle, and it can also wake the patient’s bed partner.

Dental Grinding

Sleep apnea is often accompanied by a condition called bruxism (chronic dental grinding). So if you notice that your partner is clenching or grinding his or her teeth during sleep, please encourage them to see a dentist.

Our Saint Louis sleep apnea dentists are more than happy to address any additional questions you may have regarding the signs and symptoms of sleep apnea treatment. Give our dental team a call by phone or submit an inquiry via our website to start the conversation right away!

Many patients want to improve the appearance of their smiles, but they do not want to expend the time and effort to go through orthodontic treatment. It used to be that these patients were simply out of luck—orthodontic treatment was the only way to make a patient’s smile appear straight. Now, however, our Saint Louis LUMINEER dentists are proud to offer cosmetic LUMINEERS to our patients. In many cases, this treatment can improve the appearance of a patient’s smile just as much as orthodontia.

Today we are going to discuss some ways that our dentist uses LUMINEERS to help patients achieve straight and seamless smiles.

1. Correct crooked teeth

If you have misaligned teeth, you could use traditional metal braces to slowly straighten them over time. Or, you could have our dentist place simple LUMINEERS over your misaligned teeth. Your LUMINEERS will be crafted to a specific thickness, so that the front surface of your smile will appear smooth and seamless.

2. Close spaces

Some patients suffer with wide or unsightly spaces between their teeth. These spaces can take a long time to close using traditional braces. However, our dentist can close these spaces in just two or three dental appointment using LUMINEERS. Your LUMINEERS will simply be slightly wider around the gaps in your smile. When all of your LUMINEERS are placed, your smile will appear completely uninterrupted.

These are just two of the ways that our Saint Louis LUMINEER dentists utilize LUMINEERS to enhance patients’ smiles. Importantly, this treatment is exceptionally fast—which means many patients can enjoy full aesthetic results after only three dental appointments. Additionally, the LUMINEER treatment process is quite comfortable for the patient. This is a great cosmetic option for many people—just give our dental office a call if you would like to get more information about your dentistry options!

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