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When you lose a tooth, you want to make sure that the restorative dentistry treatment you use to restore your smile is going to look and feel natural you. In our Saint Louis restorative dentistry office, we make sure that our patients end up with replacement teeth that look and feel great.

Here are two of the treatment options that we commonly utilize in order to deliver exceptional, customized results.

1. Dental implant

These are stand-alone replacement teeth. Every dental implant has a titanium base that grounds the tooth in the patient’s jawbone. This “tooth root” is then capped with a natural looking restoration, or “crown.” Dental implants are permanent replacement teeth. You can receive anywhere from one implant to an entire smile full of them, depending on your needs.

When you choose dental implants our dental team will make sure that:

· The size of your implant works with your natural teeth, and looks attractive

· The color of your implant crown blends with your natural enamel

· The shape of your implant crown mimics your existing dental shapes

2. Dentures

Dentures are designed to replace multiple adjacent teeth. This tooth replacement option has many replacement teeth attached together. Traditional dentures are held in place because the base of the denture is designed to fit over your natural gum tissue—the denture can be further stabilized with dental adhesive

When creating your denture we can customize it by:

· Making sure the color blends with your existing teeth

· Ensuring that the size of the denture looks natural and allows for full functionality—ease of chewing and speaking

· Designing the denture base to fit comfortably and securely over your natural gum tissue

· Permanently securing the denture using mini dental implant roots that extend into the gum tissue

The specific tooth replacement option that is going to work for you will depend on a number of different factors. So contact our Saint Louis dentists if you want to schedule a consultation and get started!

If you are interested in maintaining a healthy smile for years to come, this short article is for you. Our Saint Louis dentists have put together this short list of oral health boosting habits, so that you can start to incorporate them into your daily routine. Sometimes, small changes to your oral health routine can make all the difference.

Let’s go ahead and assume that you are already following your dentist’s instructions about brushing and flossing your smile. What else can you do during the day to keep your smile fresh?

1. Try to drink as much water as possible. First of all, every time that you are drinking water, that means that you are not drinking sugary drinks like sodas and juices! Plus, water boosts your ability to produce saliva; saliva neutralizes bacteria, and it helps to protect your dental enamel.

2. Food stuck between your teeth? Make a good decision about how to remove dental debris and food particles! Try to dislodge these remnants by swishing water around your mouth, or using a piece of floss. Avoid using metal and wooden toothpicks, as these can actually damage gum tissue and leave it more prone to infection.

3. When you do indulge a in a sweet/carbohydrate rich treat, do so in within a limited period of time. Oral bacteria love to feed on these substances, but oral bacteria only remain active and feeding for about 30 minutes after you consume a food or drink. So it’s better to snack in one sitting, rather than expose your smile to sugars and carbohydrates consistently throughout the day

Our Saint Louis dentists would be happy to give you even more information about how to care for your smile. So, give our team a call with your questions, and schedule your personal consultation for personalized tips.

Dental implant technology has transformed the way that patients and dentists look at replacement teeth. Our Saint Louis dental implant dentists have found that implants provide the high quality, long lasting results that people suffering from tooth loss need.

As dental implant technology has become more mainstream, we have been able to offer more options about how dental implants can be used to restore smiles. Keep reading to learn more about how dental implants might be able to improve the appearance and the health of your smile.

Using dental implant technology basically means that our dental team uses a titanium root to ground your replacement tooth/teeth into your jawbone. Dental implants don’t just replace the top, visible portion of the tooth; they also replace the invisible tooth root.

· The first way to use the dental implant is to use it as a stand-alone replacement tooth. In this case a single dental implant—root, abutment, and crown—replaces a single missing tooth. These stand-alone dental implants can be used to replace one tooth, multiple teeth, or an entire smile of missing teeth.

· Another way to use dental implant technology is to use a root to ground a larger dental prosthetic. Our Saint Louis dental implant dentists, for example, can use mini dental implant roots (which are simply thinner than conventional implant roots), to permanently hold a denture in place. It usually only takes four or five mini implant roots to stabilize an entire denture. And once the denture is in place over the implant root, it will stay in place 24/7.

When you come in to meet with our dental team, we are going to help you figure out exactly what type of tooth replacement option is going to work for you. Every patient is unique; you deserve a replacement tooth treatment that is catered to your needs.

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