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So many of us think about things like cavities and gum disease when we consider oral health issues, and, undoubtedly, these are serious issues. However, there are other, less prominent dental issues that can be just as harmful over time. Keep reading to learn more from our Saint Louis dentists about one of these conditions, bruxism. 

To quickly review, bruxism is a condition that is characterized by chronic dental grinding and clenching. This can manifest during the day, during times of stress, or at night while the patient is asleep.

When bruxism is left untreated, you will probably notice that your teeth start to:

  • Look shorter, with blunt ends
  • Develop cracks and chips
  • Shift in alignment; you might be able to feel that your bite changes as well
  • Feel more sensitive, as dental enamel thins, and becomes more porous

Additionally, many patients with chronic bruxism find that:

  • Their gum tissue starts to recede and pull away from their teeth
  • They develop TMJ disorder
  • They suffer from headaches, jaw, ear, or neck pain

The best thing to do as a patient is to keep your eyes out for signs of bruxism, so that you can seek prompt treatment for this condition before it becomes severe. Our Saint Louis dental team will perform an assessment on your smile, to help pinpoint the underlying causes of your bruxism.

Once we understand why you’re dealing with bruxism, we can make some treatment recommendations that fit your unique needs. This may involve refining your bite through restorations, dental bonding, orthodontic care. If your bruxism is stress-related, you may benefit from relaxation techniques to minimize jaw tension. Additionally, our team uses customized oral appliances to ease bruxism symptoms, especially at night.

If you have questions about bruxism and related treatments, our Saint Louis dentists are here help you. Give us a call, or use the Contact Us page on our site to get started!

Improving your dental alignment doesn’t need to be a lengthy, uncomfortable, or inconvenient process. Invisalign is a patient-friendly, discreet way to achieve a well-balanced, attractive smile. Keep reading to learn more from our Saint Louis Invisalign dentists

One of the great things about Invisalign is that it truly can be used to achieve a wide variety of aesthetic and structural results. With Invisalign, you can:

  • Straighten crooked teeth
  • Close gaps in your smile
  • Improve how your top and bottom teeth come together when you bite
  • Widen your smile, so that it looks more balanced and attractive

So why do patients choose Invisalign over traditional metal brackets and wires? There are a number of reason, including: 

  • Discretion: when your Invisalign aligners are in place, they will allow your natural teeth to shine through. Metal brackets and wires are quite unsightly, and this, unfortunately, prevents many people from pursuing treatment. Invisalign eliminates this problem.
  • Comfort: Invisalign aligners are crafted from smooth plastic, so they glide over the patient’s oral tissues, and are less abrasive than conventional braces.
  • Hygiene: we all know that metal braces can be pretty hard to clean around. Many people who have used metal braces develop a buildup of plaque and tartar around the brackets. Because Invisalign aligners are removable, you’ll be able to clean your smile normally throughout the treatment process.
  • Convenience: Invisalign aligners do not interfere with your daily life; you’ll be able to play instruments, participate in sports, and more just like you do now.

So, what do you think? Is Invisalign a good treatment option for you and your smile? If you’re still not, sure, our Saint Louis Invisalign dentists are here to answer any questions that you may have. We want you to have all of the facts you need to make the right decision for you!


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