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Have you been struggling to achieve, and then maintain, breath that feels and smells fresh? If so, you are not alone; many patients find it difficult to battle chronic bad breath. Our Saint Louis dentist office is here to help you win this fight—and today we are providing you with some easy-to-use tips on this very issue.

Before we talk about specific steps that you can take to freshen your breath, let’s quickly review why bad breath develops in the first place.

Chronic bad breath is usually the result of existing dental decay or infection. Gum disease, especially, is an insidious and often invisible cause of bad breath. Harmful oral bacteria let off odor as they consume sugars and carbohydrates. So in order to get a handle on bad breath, the best thing that you can do is to restore the health of your smile.

For best results this means:

· Having any cavities and existing gum disease treated by your dentist

· Brushing and flossing as recommended by your dentist

· Adding a mouth rinse to your daily routine if necessary

· Rinsing your mouth after eating or drinking in order to discourage bacteria growth

To help freshen your breath during the day, try to avoid bacteria-feeding mints and gum. Instead try:

· Drinking plenty of water—water promotes saliva production (and saliva neutralizes bacteria)

· Rinsing your mouth with water to dislodge food particles—this will limit the amount of time that oral bacteria can multiply in your mouth

· Brushing or flossing during the day

· Eating at specific times rather than snacking continuously

Our Saint Louis cosmetic dentist office can give you even more information about how to freshen your smile the right way. Please feel free to call our helpful dental team to get started improving your oral health!

If you have noticed that your breath is not feeling and smelling as fresh as it could, this blog entry is for you. Our Saint Louis dentist office understands that bad breath is a very common problem, and one that patients desperately want to solve. That’s why today we are giving you some tips and ideas on how to minimize, and eventually eliminate, bad breath.

The key culprit that causes odorous breath is dental infection and decay. If you have gum disease or dental cavities, you will probably find that you have hard-to-treat bad breath. In order to eliminate this problem, it is essential that you regain your oral health.

· Talk to your dentist about any restorative dental treatments you may require, and make sure to maintain your schedule of semi-annual preventative cleanings

· Brush at least twice a day (more if necessary), and floss at least once a day

· Talk to your dentist about any additional oral hygiene steps you should take—they may recommend mouth rinses or specialty toothpastes to meet your needs

In order to minimize the effects of bad breath in the short-term, you can:

· Rinse your mouth with water as much as possible

· Try not to use mints and gum—malodorous oral bacteria can actually feed on these substances!—rather, rinse or brush your teeth during the day to combat stale breath

· Avoid smelly foods like onions, garlic, and meats

In many cases, bad breath is actually a byproduct of bigger dental problems. So if you notice that your mouth isn’t feeling very fresh, seek out professional dental treatment in order to get the comprehensive care you need.

Our Saint Louis dentist office is here for you no matter what your dental needs. Call our dental team, or submit a question online, in order to get started!

Your smile is a very personal part of your appearance. When you first meet someone, your smile is one of the first things that they notice about you. In pictures, your smile stands out and communicates your emotions. If you are not happy with the way that your smile looks, it can really put a damper on the way that you feel in general. That is why our Saint Louis cosmetic dentist office works to help all patients achieve perfected smiles that help them shine.

If you see yourself reflected in this list, cosmetic dentistry treatment may be able to help you reach your dental goals.

The patient who wants a straight smile

If you have misaligned teeth, you may want to straighten the appearance of your smile to give it a seamless appearance. Many patients know that traditional orthodontic treatment can help you perfect your smile, but innovative LUMINEERS can straighten the appearance of your teeth even faster!

The patient who suffers from a dark smile

Some patients simply have darker teeth naturally, and some patients notice that their teeth start to look stained and dull as time wears on. Cosmetic dentistry treatments can help both of these patients—professional whitening treatments and LUMINEERS are both capable of giving your smile a young, luminous appearance again.

The patients with damaged teeth

Cracks and chips in your dental enamel are not only unattractive; they actually undermine the structural integrity of your smile as well. The good news is that we can restore damaged teeth with dental bonding and LUMINEERS.

If you are in any way unhappy with the way that your smile looks, you should explore your cosmetic dentistry options. Our Saint Louis cosmetic dentist office can answer all of your questions. So please contact our office to get the information you need and to schedule your consultation with our dentist!

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